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Our promise to retail customers

Here at Jameson Fine Cabinetry it is our goal to provide a beautiful product that will stand the test of time. Whether it’s a bathroom project, full kitchen cabinets Raleigh remodel, or maybe you just need some hardware put on your doors, no job is too big or too small! We take pride in every task we do to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our kitchen cabinets Raleigh.

Tentative Scheduling

We know the struggles of remodeling a your kitchen cabinets Raleigh and how hectic the schedule can be to manage. Any job small or large needs to be coordinated to ensure deadlines and the best outcome in a timely manner. Jameson Fine Cabinetry offers a full schedule of day to day tasks to the homeowner before any project has started. Everything from demo and disposal, paint and point up, installation of kitchen cabinets Raleigh and final walk / quality check. Our company manages all trades and will coordinate with any General Contractor you may be working with to keep the project moving smoothly and all parties on the same page. Employees report back at the end of the day with any issues they run into in order to keep the schedule updated and troubleshoot any unforeseen obstacles. We don’t stop there! At the end of each day your area will have been wiped down, swept clean, and left in the cleanest state possible. Upon cleaning the work area at the end of each day, all employees are in charge of taking pictures before leaving for the day. What does this mean to you? Two things! First is that you can see the day to day progress of your project and really see step by step the transformation taking place which we are sure you will find very exciting! Secondly there is accountability! We like to review these pictures every day to ensure that the project is staying on track! With pictures every day and reviewing them with the technicians and their paperwork we can make the call to send out extra bodies to keep the train rolling at full steam!

Things to consider before your project

Many homeowners understand the simple steps needed before their dream kitchen cabinets Raleigh can be made into a reality but may overlook the finer details. Sure, picking out colors and a door style that’s fits your kitchen cabinets Raleigh vision can be easy and also fun, but what about everything needed to be done prior to cabinet installation? Take your standard kitchen remodel for example. Did you consider you will be without a kitchen sink for up to 2 weeks? Or that you will need a plumber to disconnect and reconnect plumbing? Jameson Fine Cabinetry knows all of stresses involved and helps to guide you through your remodel as comfortably as possible! From setting up a coffee station somewhere in the vicinity of your kitchen to gently moving all of your appliances somewhere safe until the project has been completed, Jameson Fine Cabinetry will make sure you have a relaxing living environment throughout the entirety of your project!

Design Specialists

Whether you know exactly what you want in your new kitchen or have no idea and simply want to update the room, our kitchen cabinets Raleigh design specialists will work with you to help you create the best possible outcome at the lowest cost we can. Our designers love listening to customer ideas and coming up with creative ways to make them happen. From wall color to light fixtures the Jameson Fine Cabinetry team is familiar with the ins and outs of all components that will be going into your project! Recreating traditional styles or modernizing your space into a sleek and contemporary look? Our design specialists have the experience to make your dream come true! Keeping up with modern trends can be hard in the ever-changing world of building. Our full team is well trained and studied in all aspects of the kitchen and bath community, as well as new products soon to hit the market! Times are changing constantly as new products, inventions, and styles are always being added to everyday life! Whether for convenience or for beautiful new looks, it seems that there is always something new to try. Here at Jameson we are the first to know of these new products and can help to explain the pros and cons of each! It is our company’s passion to deliver the most beautiful space possible for each individual. All projects are custom tailored to your wants and needs, with the result being the dream space you envisioned with top of the line products that will certainly stand the test of time!

Express Turnaround times

With our product located right here in North Carolina Jameson Fine Cabinetry offers the fastest turn around times in the area by far! From date of order the typical project will be delivered to your home or business within two to three weeks. Prior to the kitchen cabinets Raleigh delivery your existing room will have been demoed, pointed up, and painted! This means on the date that your kitchen cabinets Raleigh products have been delivered the installation is ready to begin the same day! Want to order an extra shelf? Someone accidentally scratched a door? Or maybe you would like to add a decorative countertop support! Our service parts can be ready in as little as five days! With turnaround times like this no one is put in a time crunch and you can feel at ease knowing that we can jump through the hoops to ensure your project can stay on track for the completion date!

Repair Specialist

Accidentally drop something on your new countertops? Or maybe your dog scratched a door of your new kitchen cabinets Raleigh! Each Jameson Fine Cabinetry technician is a Master of Repairs. Each technician goes through our touch up and repair school until they are certified Master of Repair! With the finest tools and state of the art training we can typically repair those damaged doors or chipped countertops without you having to replace them! If you are not satisfied with the repair just remember that we have the quickest turn around times in the area and we will get you the replacement you need with minimal time and 100% satisfaction!